HB 8 – Tax Modernization 

Since we enacted phase 1 of tax modernization in 2018 and now enacting phase 2 in 2022, our income tax rate has dropped from 6% to 4.5%. Ken has shaped our tax structure in his first term by reducing our individual income tax 16% in 2018. With 2022 HB 8, he helped to further reduce your individual income to 4.5% plus designed a structure that sets us on a path to a zero-personal income tax rate…that is correct 0%. So far over the past several years, a $50,000 wage earner has seen a permanent savings of $750 per year. 

HB 6
– Lowered Motor Vehicle tax 

The administration, through the Revenue Commission, raised motor vehicle taxes as much as 40% by using clean trade-in value versus average trade-in value. With the increase of valuation of used cars, given the short supply new cars, taxpayers were straddled a significant increase in cost hurting their wallets. 

I supported this bill by requiring the administration to use average trade-in values, thus significantly lowering your tax and saving hundreds of dollars. 



HB 499 – Child Care Assistance

Ken was a co-sponsor of this bill that establishes a public and private partnership that provides employee child care assistance in order to help families remove a “getting back to work” impediment. This initiative was supported by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

Foster Care System and Adoption Services

Over the years we have decreased the timelines for adoption by putting restrictions on how many times foster children can be moved via a foster child Bill of Rights, plus strengthen foster parents’ voice. In addition, we have allocated about $40 Million into prevention services to keep the family together.

Pregnancies Discrimination Act

This act provides employers to make reasonable accommodates for any employee with limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth or other related medical conditions including longer breaks, time off recovery, accommodation of equipment, better seats, or modified work space/schedule.







HCR 112 and HJR 5 

Representative Fleming sponsored both of these bills which addressed the shortage of healthcare workers in the nursing and mental health fields.

HB 777 – Many constituents have voiced concerns on the delays in transporting love ones to healthcare facilities by ambulances. Ken spearheaded and sponsored this bill to improve the timeliness of transporting patients in order to save lives. He led a group of over 12 associations to pass this vital healthcare service. 

HB 457 –  The cost of prescription drugs has increased and Ken co-sponsored and pushed this bill to reduce these costs.  

HB 127 – He sponsored this wrap-around services for severe mental health patients that reduces hospital re-admission costs, provides a better treatment plan, improves accessibility for better support services and allows these individuals to be more independent. Furthermore, HB 127 will help save the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.



HB 63 – With the increase of school safety concerns, Ken co-sponsored legislation that puts school resource officers in our schools in order to help keep our kids safer.

HB 44 – As a co-sponsor, there has been a significant increase in mental health concerns of K-12 students and this bill allows greater flexibility of student sick days for mental health care.

HB 1 – For education, Ken was instrumental in delivering record setting SEEK funding (including an additional $35M for teachers’ salaries), providing over $2B funding for teachers’ pensions and increasing teachers’ COLA, and significantly increased to FRYSCs just to name few things.

Other bills

HB 221 Child Abuse and Neglect

I supported the increase of reporting requirements on child abuse and neglect.

HB 4 Unemployment Insurance Sustainability Act 

I supported this bill which provides a necessary and long overdue retooling of state’s unemployment insurance program by ensuring higher frequency of job searches, tying benefit to economic conditions, helps laid-off workers with upskill and retrain programs and education, makes unemployment insurance taxes fairer for new companies, and establishes work share programs.

HB 242 helped secure over $10M in road improvements for District 48.

HB 68 – By drawing upon his experience in the mental health profession, Ken led strong bipartisan legislation that established and funded a mental health wellness program for law enforcement professionals who suffer from post-traumatic tragedies.

Ken championed many major legislative initiatives by getting in the trenches to find solutions which include legislative ethics, local businesses preference bills, government spending transparency and family life issues such as drug treatment support, youth obesity and domestic violence.  

Kentucky House Committee Assignments

  • Appropriations and Revenue
  • Health and Family Service
  • Health and Family Budget Review Subcommittee
  • Post-Secondary Education Budget Review Subcommittee
  • Legislative Oversight and Investigation
  • Local Government
  • Transportation 
  • Public Pension Oversight Board

Ken received numerous awards including the Public Policy Advocate Award in 2004 from the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Smoke Free Louisville Award in 2006, the Celebrate Freedom Award in 2010, International Fire Chiefs Association – Kentucky Chapter 2021, Kentucky League of Cities 2022, and Kentucky Hospital Association Champion in 2022.