2017 and 2018 Kentucky General Assembly Legislative Sessions

Supporting women in the workplace

HB 9 – An Act relating to legislative ethics

Ken and Representative Kim Moser sponsored and passed a strong bipartisan bill by a vote of 86 to 7 to protect women in the workplace.

Helping low income & poverty stricken families

HB 69 – An Act relating to service delivery improvement in managed care networks for Medicaid patients. 

Ken spearheaded and passed, 94 to 0, a quicker accessibility process to healthcare providers for low income and poverty families

Supporting mental health wellness

HB 68 – An Act relating to law enforcement support programs.

By drawing upon his experience in the mental health profession, Ken led strongbipartisan legislation by a vote of 95 to 0 that established and funded a mental health wellness program for law enforcement professionals who suffer from post-traumatic tragedies.

Kentucky House Committee Assignments

  • Appropriations and Revenue (Vice Chair)
  • Local Government (member)
  • Public Pension Oversight Board (member)
  • Tax Expenditures Task Force (Chair)
  • Transportation (member)

Louisville Metro Council 2003 – 2014

Ken championed many major legislative initiatives including:

Ethics reform – Ken led a bipartisan effort to transform the rules of how government officials conducted themselves and how they operate more transparently.

Government spending transparency – Ken was the chief sponsor in exposing how government spends your money by creating

Smoking Ban – in a bipartisan initiative, Ken took on a controversial issue to improve the health of Louisvillians.

Local Business Preference Ordinance – Ken was the frontrunner in recognizing and supporting business who wish to work with the government.

Family Life Issues – Ken helped fund drug treatment centers, youth obesity programs, child abuse programs and domestic violence programs.

Ken received numerous awards including the Public Policy Advocate Award in 2004 from the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Smoke Free Louisville Award in 2006, and the Celebrate Freedom Award in 2010.

Louisville Metro Council Committee Assignments

    • Appropriations, NDFs, and CIF (Vice Chair)
    • Budget (member)
    • Contracts (Chair)
    • Committee on Committees (member)
    • Government Oversight and Audit (Vice Chair)
    • Republican Caucus Chair
    • Rules, Ethics and Appointments (Vice Chair)
    • Transportation and Public Works (member)