Working for Families

With the recent US Census showing a shift in population in the north end of Jefferson and southern part of Oldham Counties, I will continue my fight to support families to help improve your quality of life. 

I believe in supporting families by helping to provide resources and keeping you in mind when making sound policy decisions. When I go to Frankfort, you have a seat at the table and your voice is heard through my leadership positions.

Public Safety

Louisville needs stronger local and state leadership to stop the wave of crime threatening our families, property, and schools. I will continue to prioritize your safety.

  • Fully fund police to combat crime
  • Continue to strengthen school safety 
  • Strengthen juvenile justice programs to get kids in a better position 
  • Fund a stronger wrap around treatment programs for addicts to get them off the streets
  • Assist suburban cities by partnering with them to improve your safety


From reducing drug prescriptions, strengthening mental health programs, improving transport ambulatory care, and develop polices to enhance the doctor and patient relationship, I will leverage my business and healthcare experience to help improve your quality of life.


  • Support first responders through funding training programs to address the workforce shortage
  • Continue to fight to lower prescription costs by cutting out the middle person
  • Improve healthcare services and accessibility for low income
  • Provide better protection for our elderly in reducing infectious diseases
  • Assist “sandwich couples” in juggling kids with aging parents

Economy & Workforce

We have made progress to improve the business climate by reducing taxes, overreaching regulations, and lowering workforce participation rates. I am fighting inflation by putting more money in your pocket by reducing personal income tax and eliminate the extra gas tax.


      • Continue to phase out state income tax for families to save and invest more
      • Advocated to eliminate reformulated gas saving over $.30 per gallon
      • Support business-friendly policies to increase workforce participation 
      • Help reduce re-employment constraints such as childcare and elderly care for families to return to work and to assist employers in attracting the best talent
      • Fight state and federal overreach and inflationary spending
      • Push to strengthened better workplace environments for expecting mothers and new borns.


As a pillar of a successful community and state, we need to increase the pay to teachers to attract more talent, protect our children so they have the opportunity to learn, and ease financial restraints for schools to flourish. 


  • Provide parents better education options and programs for children to have the best educational opportunities
  • Continue to increase K-12 SEEK funding and support teachers by relieving constraints that burden them with paying for resources out of their pocket and supporting higher pay
  • Assist students who need mental health support and to provide a safer environment 
  • Support education workforce programs by hiring more teachers


Our district, which includes northeast of Louisville and southern Oldham County, has grown and with this growth comes more traffic. I have allocated tens of millions of dollars to help ease your commute for work and play.


  • For safer commuting to work and school, secure funding for the US 42/Watterson Expressway interchange
  • Continue to fight for sound walls along I-71 and Gene Snyder Expressway between US 42 and I-71 
  • Reduce congestion by securing funding for widening I-71
  • Implement plans to increase the turning lane south US 22 onto west Gene Snyder Expressway so that traffic flows better
  • Improve safety by adding a turn lane on east US 22 at the Briar Hill neighborhood in Oldham County