“My mother and father raised me to not judge a book by its cover but to read the pages to understand the story. I have carried this approach with my family, into situations, and in meeting people. We live in a more polarizing world but I will work with, through and by people to find solutions today for a better tomorrow.”

Endorsements & Supporters

Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police

Kentucky Chamber

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce




National Federation of Independent Business

Building Industry Association Greater Louisville

Building Industry Association Greater Louisville

Greater Louisville Association of Realtors


Kentucky Highway Industries Political Action Committee


Kentucky Credit Union League

Kentucky Credit Union League




Kentucky Hospital Association

Kentucky Hospital Association 


Kentucky Society of Certified Public Accountants

AGC Kentucky Chapter

Associated General Contractor of America, Kentucky Chapter






Melissa Cahill


Seven years ago, I was asked to run a mental health center after years of running a small business. This was a big change, but one that really gave me a deep understanding on how people treat mental health wellness as taboo. We should not treat people based on initial impressions, but by taking the time to learn their story.

A part of my objective when I decided to run for state representative was to bring awareness, more funding and better policies to helping people navigate these mental health challenges. This includes supporting K-12 mental health counselors, providing law enforcement officers and their families to receive counseling after a traumatic event, providing incentives to encourage people to enter the mental health field, and developing an app for K-12 students to have access to mental health counselors 24/7. 

Melissa Cahill reached out to me about her story on eating disorders and I was impressed with her passion and drive to address this issue. Her personal story touched me and I didn’t think twice about helping her and the National Eating Disorder Association.

She details how we worked together for a greater cause, but before you listen, if you or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, addiction, or have suicide ideation, I strongly encourage you or them to find help. I will be happy to provide the necessary resources.

Dr. Mark McGrath

Dr. Mark McGrath is on the front lines in providing healthcare, but he also oversees the roads in the City of Brownsboro Farm. I helped secured over $50 million in road improvements for District 48 which included $1,320,000 for putting turn lanes in at the intersection of KY22 and Goose Creek Road.This project is right in front of the City and was designed to reduce congestion. I followed up with the City and as Dr. McGrath tells us how they had some challenges and where I stepped in to see the project through.

Karen Scott

Karen Scott is a professional engineer who owns her own business, called Inspired Strategies, serving clients across the country. We first met about 25 years when my company was bidding on a project she was overseeing at a utility company. As her career progressed in taking on more responsibilities and leadership roles, her professionalism, intelligence, integrity, and humility remained strong and consistent. I know many businesswomen and businessmen and she is one of the best.





While I was knocking on doors, Robbie stopped from cutting his grass to ask me some questions on issues that concerned him. As he will state, and which I hear quite often is that questions are going unanswered. Being a representative as well as working for a company, I know how important it is to be available and responsive to your constituents. 

Fighting Crime

Is this the Louisville we know and love?  Now that crime is spreading to our neighborhoods.  Mayor Fisher’s friend, Maria Sorolis, pledges to defund the police and leave us unprotected…

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